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Student Testimonials

" I remember the person who introduced me to the school Healthcare Career Center. I was happy i found out about the CNA school, because it is my dream to study a CNA course. I know that it will help me to have more knowledge about healthcare. My first attempt failed because of the schedule conflict with my job. But I'm so fortunate Mr. Chito Sansano encouraged me to pursue my studies and with the help of Dr. Florence Nunez. My eagerness, desire and the people who helped and encourage me brought out the decision for me to start.

Then the journey with school began. I knew that at my age it was going to be hard. But my determination was strong. Our class lessons and skills became an advantage to me when I learned a lot from our teacher, Mrs. Maria Teresa Martinez and Mrs. Beth Lucero. Along the way with my studies there were hardships and challenges, but brainstorming was my adversary. But then again my desire and eagerness plus determination over came it and was replaced with joy, because of my classmates, they became my inspiration to pursue my studies, and likewise to my husband who was always there to cheer me up.

Healthcare Career Center made me become more efficient. I learned a lot from the lessons that I've encountered in particular to the nursing assistant skills. This school taught me and molded me how to become an efficient and skillful nursing assistant. Without this school my dream would not have come true of becoming a Certified Nurse Assistant.

I would like to thank Healthcare Career Center for all the lessons and skills I've learned. To my teacher, Mrs. Maria Teresa Martinez, Mrs. Beth Lucero, Dr. Florence Nunez, Dr. Avelina Sansano, Chito Sansano, and Euresa Martinez, thank you so much and to the rest of the staff of this school.

I believe that Healthcare Career Center will produce more efficient and skillful nursing assistants, because this school is a great educator with regards to healthcare. May God bless this school and may you have a more successful school years to come."

- Laureta Perfecto,CNA, Batch 2 Graduate

" I'm so grateful for being part of Healthcare Career Center. Being scared and in doubt at the beginning was not easy, but my teachers as well as the staff gave me the tools and encouragement to develop my confidence. I wish all schools could be like Healthcare Career Center. My teachers went above and beyond by supporting us and having lots and lots of patience. I feel ready to develop the skills that were given to me, I'm confident. I could not have done it without my teachers and supporting staff at Healthcare Career Center. Thank you so much!"

- Griselda Guerrero, CNA, Batch 2 Graduate

" Being back to school it was kind of shocking to me, but when I started to come and meet the instructors, classmates and the facility, it gave me a sense of comfort to my self esteem. I learned the proper way to work with the nursing skills, and also ready to give my self more opportunities to grow. I really feel thankful with Healthcare Career Center's staff for their care and patience with us students." 

- Mercedes Peregrina, CNA, Batch 3 Graduate

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